miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012

What is Christmas all about?

Do you like Christmas?
Here is an advert which has become a great hit. Why do you think people like it?
Before watching it write down some predictions about what you think it's going to happen in this little ad.
What makes us think the boy is feeling very impatient? Why do you think he is impatient? How can we tell time passes very slowly for him? Why is the final "turn" a bit unexpected for us? What do you think is the best thing about giving presents? What is the best present you have ever given? What is the best present you have ever received? Write about this ad telling the story of this boy and his family. Don't forget to add adjectives to express what the boy is feeling, the weather, the atmosphere...

domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

Endangered species

1ºE.S.O. students. Endangered species. Watch the video and then try to write down as many endangered animals as you can remember. Is there any animal you hadn't heard of? Select an animal to present in class and post a "comment" telling the class so that no other student does the same animal as you. Remember to provide the following information in your presentation: 1. Name of animal (or species) 2. Habitat 3. Food/diet/facts 4. Why is it endangered? 5. How many are left in captivity and in the wild? 6. How can we people help?

domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

I wonder How, I wonder Why

Sing along! I wonder How, I wonder why
You will find two videos. The first one is for you to learn the lyrics. The second one is so that you can try on your own.

Are you ready??

Knick Knack

You are going to watch a video about the worst luck of a snowman. Watch carefully because I want you to tell me the story afterwards using connectors and details. Try to explain how you think the snowman must feel. Remember to brainstorm ideas and feelings you got from watching the video and write them down on a first draft to organise your final writing.
Pay attention also to the music, I want you to find out how it is performed.
If you had to create a title for this little video What would that be?