domingo, 22 de febrero de 2015

Global Classrooms- Go for it! You are going to do grrreat on Wednesday!

Wordle: GCCJC Dear students, do not forget to disagree in a polite way, do not hesitate to show interest in ideas you find attractive even if you were not the ones to suggest them. Do not be shy when making amendments, be brave enough to innovate and share your thoughts and ideas. Keep reading until the very minute, be persuasive in your opening speech. Remember all delegations want to solve the same problem. The key is in joining forces, in working together, in getting down to work! Here is a link to a fantastic blog where you will find so much information about what it is being done!Click on the title to have access to it!

jueves, 19 de febrero de 2015

Global Classrooms students- More on WTO

Click on the title to have access to this interesting interview that might provide some insight in your research

How important are celebs in raising awareness?

Global classrooms- Food for thought 3 - Getting people to do something What does it take for you to take action?
Writing workshop material - How to be good Pre watching activity: Think about a superhero and write about it, decribe it in a few words.

martes, 17 de febrero de 2015

Global Classrooms - 

Check out these useful links to help you with your research:

Nourishing people - Nurturing the planet

Food for thought 2 - Global Classrooms

Click on the following links to have a look at the following infographics created by FAO.
Select ideas to include in your writings or if you are a  Global Classrooms selectee you might want to use it as a source for your position paper.

sábado, 14 de febrero de 2015

Have a go with collocations!!

Follow these steps: 1. Listen to this rap with collocations with have. 2. After that try to write down in your notebook as many as you can remember. Leave some space to later on write their meaning. 3. Figure out their meaning and write it down next to the right collocation. 4. Listen to the video again and write down the ones you had missed. Repeat step 3 with new terms. 5. Write a sentence with the collocations you were not familiar with. 6. If you are working in pairs, make it a competition and see who gets to remember the most. Remember: No cheating!!!

miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2015

Excuse my French!

Have you ever had misunderstandings when speaking in English?

Global Classrooms - Food for thought 2

Again, this is a series of videos with loads of information about hunger and poverty in the world. The first one was made two years ago. We will eventually get to watch them all (there are 6) and then compare the first one to the last one of the series, the most recent one. But here I 'd like you to compare the first video of the series with the second one, which belongs to another organisation. Which one do you think is more effective? Why? Leave your comment!

Global Classrooms Food for thought 1

Before watching the videos brainstorm ideas of issues related to hunger and poverty in the world and write them down. Then watch the videos and check which topics were on your list and which weren't. What things can you remember form the videos that you didn't know? As you can see, things are complex and simple at the same time. That hunger and poverty is an issue is out of the question. It's not about dealing with "What", it is about dealing with "How"! Think of your ideas! Which one do you think is more effective? Which one would you choose to increase levels of awareness? Why? Explain your choice.